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"Look at every detail of his hairline, and then ask yourself “

“If I ran into this man on the street- would I ever know he had hair transplantion?”

When you’re getting serious about your hair restoration procedure, we encourage people to do their homework. This is a major life decision. You’re making a conscious choice to invest in your appearance- and you need to make sure that you get it right.

At Legacy - our goal is to excel in two areas: amazingly natural hairlines, and our patient’s comfort.

Our proprietary Quadrian Hairline techniques are resulting in some of the most natural looking hairlines available today. (please visit our patient gallery for more incredible examples of this advanced new technology.) Additionally- our exclusive Pyllo Anesthesia Method makes the procedure comfortable for those who are concerned about potential sensitivity.

Pain was a non-event. Maybe a 1 [on a scale of 1 - 10]. Under a 1. Really more like a half. I've had clients [who had procedures at places other than Legacy] tell me I should get gassed before doing the procedure. They said it hurt like hell. I haven't had any pain. It's been nothing. I can recommend my clients to you guys knowing the pain is a non-event. I'm blown away."

Craig Nadel Owner, The Barber Shop

In our experience- we’ve determined that there are two areas that are most important to our patients.

Look- we know that there are less expensive practices out there. That’s fine- if you just have a little spot in the back that you want to fill. In the back of your head- you simply need a little more density, and it’s not as important to some people-if they’re simply trying to save a few bucks.

But if your hairline is important to you- consider Legacy. Natural hairlines are our specialty. This is exactly why we are recommended by some of the worlds most accomplished Hair Professionals.

In my industry- I have many celebrity and high-profile individuals that come to me for advice on their hair. For myself- the choice was easy. Legacy offers the most beautiful, natural result, and it was a very simple, worry-free procedure. I refer them all the time.

Richard Dalton-Personal Stylist for Princess Diana

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