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Hair Loss FAQ's

What are the best hair loss remedies?

The best hair loss remedies might be different for different people. It depends on your degree of hair loss, your level of physical activity, the type of hairstyle you desire.

Not everyone is a good candidate for every option.

Each consultation is held in a relaxing and private office setting, with a trained and experienced hair loss treatment professional.


Non-Surgical Hair Restoration FAQ

Q: My hair is thinning and I don't want surgery. What can I do?

A: There are many non-surgical hair loss treatments available to you at Embassy Studio in Chicago, such as the our exclusive SensiGraft procedure, among others.

Q: I'm a very active person. Can I still participate in sports?

A: Yes, the purpose of Embassy Studio's procedures is to allow you to do the things that you stopped doing because of your hair loss, such as swimming, boating, water skiing and even riding your Harley.

Q: My father had one of those hairpieces that he took off every night. Is this the same thing?

A: Absolutely not. With Embassy Studio in Chicago, your new hair cannot come off and it will actually become a part of you.

Q: Are there any limitations on the hair style I choose, or how I can comb my hair?

A: You can comb your hair anyway you want, even straight back.

Q: What if I decide to move out of state?

A: We would be happy to refer you to another Virtual Reality or Transitions certified hair replacement studio or hair restoration center in your new location, without interrupting the type and quality of service to which you have become accustomed.

Surgical Hair Restoration FAQ

Q: Who is a good candidate for surgical hair transplantation?

A: While many men and women suffering from thinning hair, hair loss and baldness are viable candidates for hair transplantation, individual patient's expectations and objectives must be realistic.

The single most important factor to consider is how bald the patient will become at a later age.

Q: Will I need more than one session?

A: Each patient is different depending on their goals and expectations, as well as the level case study of each candidate.

Q: I often hear the words "a good candidate" associated with hair transplantation. What exactly constitutes a good candidate?

A: Some of the important factors that make an individual a good candidate for hair transplant surgery include:

  • The overall quality and abundance of existing hair, as well as it's texture, color, and curl.
  • The age of the prospective patient - The older you are, the more recognizable your hair loss pattern will be.
  • Patient expectation - Do you realize that you will not gain one additional hair? Hair transplantation involves relocating hairs you already have.

Surgical or Non-Surgical Hair Restoration...

Unlike chemicals or surgery, Sensi-Graft, Virtual Reality and Reallusions hair replacement hair systems guarantee a significant increase in hair density.

hair loss thinning hair chicagoUnlike surgical techniques, non-surgical hair replacement procedures require no "donor" area, nor is their success dependent upon the texture and curl pattern of donor hair.

Additionally, these Embassy Studio exclusive custom hair replacement procedures can be used to provide additional hair to men and women who have already undergone hair transplants surgery.



Free, Confidential Hair Loss Consultation

You're worth it. Do this for yourself. Your hair is is a solution that is solvable. Deciding to have hair is a good decision.

Live life the way you want, without embarrassment, without being self-conscious, with a full head of hair again.