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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions can give you incredible style options- You could look like a movie star in just a few hours.

But you have to be careful!

When it comes to Hair Extensions, understand that there are many different types. The type that is right for you might not be right for the next lady.

For Example-

Example A:

Some women have what is commonly known in the industry as "generalized thinning" . This is when you've lost some hair density, and your hair has thinned out, and you can't do much with it. Maybe a few years ago, it used to be fuller, and thicker, more vibrant, and it reacted the way you wanted it to. Maybe your hair now only grows to a certain point-then doesn't seem to grow any more. It can sometimes be very frustrating.

Example B:

You wanted a haircut. Something hot, and different. Maybe you wanted that cool cut like the lady from Law & Order, SVU. You told this to your local stylist, maybe showed her a picture, and she went to work.

But- she butchered it.

And now- you wish you had your long hair back.

Many hair extension salons would simply offer these clients the same option (whatever they were trained in). A seasoned Hair Extension expert knows that these two women most likely need need two completely different methods! And - if the wrong method is used- you could risk damaging the hair.

At CHC- we are trained in 4 different methods*. Our most popular are the Fusion Method and The Co-polymer strip method.

The Fusion Method is very popular right now. It seems that every starlet out there right now has hair extensions, and many times they are using the fusion method. The hair can last (if properly cared for) from 4-6 months, and we can match your colors, add Lowlights, Highlights, and as much length as you need! We have DVD players in each room, so the time fly's by, and before you know it- you'll be turning heads!

The Co-polymer Strip Method is a new method that adds hair to your own hair by a specialized safe co-polymer fusion method,. There are many variations to extension techniques- called by different names, But if you want an option that can give you the beauty, fullness, body and style you desire in a fraction of the time- you need The Co-polymer Strip Method.

We stock many colors, and can usually get you looking the way you want to look within a few days of your initial consultation. In fact- if we have the hair in stock- we've been known to be able to help some people the same day.

We service all fusion & co-polymer brands. If you are a client who has had extensions in another salon, and needs help, please give us a call.

Why consider Extensions with CHC?

  • Increase Volume-aid problem areas
  • Allow You to Highlight or Lowlight - without chemicals
  • Fast application- more comfortable than standard extensions.
  • Monthly Programs Available!

Make the most out of your hair! Call now.
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* Please Note- we do not offer the "Braid" Method, or the "Weave" Method. These methods have been shown to cause traction alopecia and bald spots, and we are committed to minimizing the stress in our client's hair. We realize that these methods are inexpensive, and widely available-but we strongly advise against them.