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Damaged Hair

Are you tired of Damaged, Frizzy, and Unmanageable hair?

This new treatment can give you the hair you desire In a few short hours!

Everyday we hear from women with damaged hair. Most have some thinning, others simply want fuller, thicker hair, but frankly, what we see the most can simply be called:

Hair Damage.

Maybe it's color damage. Maybe a client had a perm, that damaged their hair. Maybe it's just uncontrollable frizz that's driving them crazy.

I went to a hair show in Tampa last month, and came across a booth where a stylist was working on a model, and I saw the strangest thing. Half of the models hair was a damaged frizzy mess.

The other side was the most incredible ,silky, shiny, healthy looking hair I had seen in a long time.

They were demonstrating a new process called Keratin Hair Therapy. It's a hair revitalization process that takes a couple of hours…but does incredible things to damaged hair.

It makes it:

  • Softer & Silkier
  • Straighter & Shinier
  • It is faster and easier to blow-dry
  • Reduces daily styling time

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. But- How would it work in my facility?

I have a 14 year old daughter that has a nice curl in her hair. The curl is commonly known as a "Spanish wave" We all love it…but she hates it. She flat irons it straight all the time. So what was she left with? Damaged spanish wave hair.
Kara made me promise her that I would find something that would help her get the silky look she's always wanted. I thought to myself.. "I just might have something here."

I brought the product home, and went through an intensive training session with my staff.

Then, I set them loose on Kara's hair.

Check out the results

Before After

Incredible results. Kara was thrilled.

If you'd like a $25 OFF coupon for this revolutionary treatment.. just fill in the form below.. and you'll get one instantly!

Keratin Hair Therapy
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* Please Note- we do not offer the "Braid" Method, or the "Weave" Method. These methods have been shown to cause traction alopecia and bald spots, and we are committed to minimizing the stress in our client's hair. We realize that these methods are inexpensive, and widely available-but we strongly advise against them.