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For over 15 years, we’ve been helping people with their hair. Legacy is not only a full service hair salon, but we specialize in premium hair augmentation technologies.We offer the latest hair replacement, restoration and extension technologies seen in Hollywood and fashion runways around the world. Our work has been seen on Project Runway, Undercover Boss,One Tree Hill,as well as magazines like Maxim, Playboy and GQ.

In addition to our fashion work- we are also experts in helping the medical hair loss community. We have extensive experience working with the Cancer and Alopecia communities,as well as those who simply have a little less hair than they used to. When people come in to see us for a consultation, we try to always ask them this question: If you could look in the mirror right now, and look exactly how you wanted to look- do you have a clear image of what that would be?

If you know how you want to look… tell us. Bring pictures of yourself when you had more hair. Bring pictures of your favorite TV star – the one with the hair you desire.We want to help you achieve that look- as quickly as we can.If you live far away,we can still help you.Take a few pictures of yourself with your phone,and email them with your phone number to rt@legacyhaircenter.com .We’ll be back in touch with you right away with a few ideas.

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Legacy Hair Center 540-C Brandywine Rd Charlotte NC 28209 Phone:704-522-3866




Hair Replacement For Men

Legacy Hair Center Offers The Latest Non Surgical Hair Replacement Options.THE SENSIGRAFT® – State of the Art Men’s Hair Restoration Technology for Male Pattern Baldness.At Legacy, we are proud to offer SensiGraft Hair Replacement for men — the latest in state-of-the-art hairrestoration and replacement solutions designed specifically to meet the individual and unique needs of each of our clients.

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Hair Replacement For Women

Thinning hair in women is not uncommon.Sometimes this comes naturally with aging,but the process can be aggravated by several conditions.The most common in both males and females seems to be hormonal imbalances. A woman’s life is marked by certain cycles or periods of specific hormone balance, which can be interrupted by natural events like pregnancy, menopause, birth control methods or stressful times. Read more

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in a vast array of colors and types. Hair extensions are an excellent way to add volume and length, and most are affordable and quite easy to locate. You should know about the different options that are available, and make sure you do some research before you decide on which method to use. Some types of hair extensions have the ability to cause serious damage to your hair, so you want to make sure you go with the SAFEST. Read more